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TMD/TMJ Treatment

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD), commonly called TMJ (for temporomandibular joint), can cause intense jaw pain, headaches, difficulty chewing, popping of the ears or jaw, headaches and other discomforts.

If left untreated, TMD can become a constant source of painful irritation. However, even long-standing TMD can be monitored and treated by dental professionals to alleviate discomfort. Modern techniques and appliances, such as dental guards and teeth adjustments based on impressions can often provide relief.

Our Process

Dr’s Lange, Rider & Reynolds can help patients find the right solutions to lessen the pain and discomfort of TMD. Our doctors will monitor your progress, adjust treatment, and can fabricate dental guards in-house. With the aid of our staff, TMD sufferers can keep jaw pain under control and maintain good dental health. 

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